Nov 20, 2016

SURPRISE! NOT! GlamTrumpsters

For anyone else who has witnessed Adam Lambert fans who voted for Trump, I am sorry if they caught you by surprise.  You definitely have not read any of my blogs over the past six years about that part of the fanbase.  I'm not being smug or stroking my ego, I'm just telling it like it is.

I first noticed the homophobia when Adam stepped on to a public stage as an Idol finalist at the Today Show in NYC.  A small group of very adorable lesbians were told by security to put their signs supporting Adam's sexuality and the gay community away as "it would upset other fans and those of Kris Allen's were also in attendance as he was performing too.

As time went on, either at the shows I went to or in YouTube videos I noticed more and more women believing that his sexual shennanigans were aimed at them.  There were many who clearly had no idea what homosexual means.  Many of them had never, knowlingly, been around an LGBTQ person in their lives.  As their homophobia became clearer and clearer I got angrier and angrier.  I earned my "fag hag" title at the age of 19 years old.  I have supported the community from that day forward.  When my homophobic ex moved out to the house it was like a cool breeze blew through and we could all breath again.  My kids are both arts majors, one of them went to an arts high school so the LGBTQ community is also an integral part of their lives.

It all came to a head in December 2012 when I had press for the Cyndi Lauper True Colors benefit. Just waiting for the doors to open I watched Glamberts cringe being in the proximity of gay men, drag queens and all manner of lesbians.  Me?  I struck up a conversation with a pair of skater girls who were fellow pop punk rock fans.  As the show progressed, far too many glittered glamberts thought that the best time to take a bathroom break or go get another drink was during Hunter Valentine's set.   Too bad because the all lesbian band, that touts multiple members of the origina "The L Word" cast were amazing and Cyndi came out and sang in on their second song.  I would learn later that those Adam-fans with the very large bank accounts who had seats in the forward Orchestra section made great fools of themselves with Andy Cohen.  When the show was over, as an earlier conversation with the straight couple sitting next to me who were from the same part of CT as myself made me believe they cared about helping LGBTQ street kids (she had bragged how she had won most of the tickets she ever got for Adam's shows through charitable donations), I offered information about a couple of local CT charities I contribute to.  They both looked at me as if two more heads had just popped out of my neck.  All the way to the subway station I listened to other attendees complaining about the behavior of Adam's fans.  I stayed quietly in the shadows.

American Idol grew a following of middle-American over-40 viewers during it's tenure.  Yes, it was originally targeted to the 14-18 crowd but especially high schoolers stopped parking in front of the TV for 2 hours, 2 nights of every week to watch and vote very early on.  They had homework, jobs, boy/girl friends, the internet.  So the audience became the parents...mainly mothers, of these kids some of whom forced their younger offspring to watch with them.  This is why when I went to a David Cook show (had gotten deeply discounted tickets and thought it'd be fun-not!) the audience was cougars, 8-11 year olds and a few housewives well over 50 in pull-on polyester pants and billowy Wal-Mart tops with their tubby hubbies in tow.  People can spout all the conspiracy theories they want on why Adam did not win Season 8 but the truth is...when it came down to it, Idol voters felt safer with Kris Allen.  It was fun to keep the big, flamboyant, gay peacock in the running but they couldn't deal with him strutting his stuff after the AI tour was over.  The WGWTG was far less controversial.  The same thing happened with other LGBTQ artists not only just on American Idol but on The Voice and AGT.

In the years that have followed there are those women who have continued to dress ridiculously and spray glitter all over themselves to come out an be a pubic embarrassment for not only Adam's shows but for other artists he has supported.  They have deluded themselves that they are accepted at gay clubs and drag shows and and every place else they show up looking and acting like fools.  Underneath that glitter and lame exterior are still the same bigoted high school bimbos from the red states where they grew up laughing when their jock boyfriends stuffed the nerdy, geeky kids into lockers, knocked their books on the floor and otherwise intimidated kids who they deemed "less than"  Of course these women are Trumpsters.  Trump is just another one of the bullies that were in their cliques.

So not going to say "I told you so". But hopefully you are now a little more enlightened.